Onsite Calibration


Dear Business Owner,

As a business owner, you may need your equipment calibrated for quality or contractual concerns. Unfortunately, you have to keep your operations and product deliveries on schedule, which is difficult when all or part of your equipment has been sent to any calibration vendor. On-site calibrations can solve this dilemma. On-site calibration can minimize the disruption often encountered when getting your equipment calibrated. It is like minimally invasive surgery. You are back on your feet in no time.

Lots of reasons may make on-site calibration feasible to your company. You may not have the manpower to disassemble a complex project. You certainly do not have the time to re-assemble that project and not have it work. Many hours have been lost troubleshooting a wrongly connected cable. You can rightly fear that your equipment may be damaged in transit to or from the calibration vendor. You may have an important customer that suddenly calls you with an expedited order while your equipment is out of your facility.

There are also several other factors to consider. Generally, the cost to perform on-site calibration is higher. The calibration vendor needs to charge for calibration services, in addition to transportation expenses, meals, preparation time and possible overtime. The vendor also has to consider transportation risks to its calibration standards. Accura Calibration also has you covered in other areas. We carry workmen’s compensation and other insurance to protect your company.

The best way to compare the cost advantages of either method is to get a calibration quotation based on both on-site and in-house calibration. Just provide your equipment list to Accura Calibration and we will be a happy to provide both quotations. You may find that our average turn-time of less than five days will suit you just fine. Unlike a lot of larger calibration companies, we answer our phone calls with real people who want to help you. Just call us at 972-278-7878 and our administrative assistant, Melissa Mason, will have the answers you need or will get them for you.

Please contact us so that Accura calibration can schedule your calibration. For best results, we will need the model numbers, asset numbers and serial numbers so that the equipment may be added to our data base in advance of the on-site. We will also need point of contact information. We will try to calibrate the equipment at its location within your facility, but if equipment needs to be pulled from its location, please provide the work area for our technicians. In some cases we may need to access your visitor internet connection.

We appreciate all of our customers and hope to be seeing you soon.  We know you have a choice. Most of our customers operate from a purchase order, not a contract. We know we need to do an excellent job every time or you will exercise your choice with another vendor.

Best regards,

Dwight Martin




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